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Our technology allows advertisers to reach consumers - based on their location - at the right time to increase the relevance of the advertising message. To achieve this we work with “first party” data from publisher apps, operate a beacon network throughout Switzerland and offer connections to advertisers’ EPOS systems.




First party Daten

The integration of our software into publisher apps enables direct data access at first hand. Thus, we can guarantee highest data quality which is necessary for the development of relevant user profiles. The collected GPS and beacon data make it possible for us to offer a highly accurate targeting to the advertising market.



Our network of over 154‘000 advertising panels builds the basis for a beacon network throughout Switzerland. This network is extended by the collaboration with partners in the public transport and retail industry. A beacon network provides very accurate location data of smartphone users and allows measuring the advertising touchpoints at poster sites and the conversion at the point of sale.



A holistic view and measuring the advertising effect are important elements to judge and optimize the success of a campaign. We offer EPOS system integrations to track the online-offline conversion of a campaign.