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Privacy policy

Personalized advertising - privacy notice APG|SGA Interaction

1. Why this privacy notice?

The app you use contains a function to serve you with advertising through this app and other channels on mobile devices you are using. This advertising is tailored to your personal needs („personalized advertising“). The function is operated by the advertising company APG|SGA Interaction („APG“ or „we“).

With this notification we would like to inform you:
(a)    what kind of data will be collected;
(b)    how and for which purposes these data are processed;
(c)    what options you have if you do not wish to receive personalized advertising;
(d)    whom to approach should you have any questions.

2. What kind of data will be collected?

2.1.    Advertising ID (ad ID)
The operating system of your mobile device generates a so-called ad ID. This is a unique identification number that is used to provide you with personalized advertising. With this ID the collected data of the mobile device can be allocated to the corresponding user, but APG cannot draw conclusions regarding your identity with this ID. You remain anonymous to us. We do neither have the means nor an interest to find out who you are. Should you still want to know how to reset or disable the ad ID, please find here corresponding information for iOSor Android.

2.2.    Device data
We collect different data about your mobile device and the app you use, such as:

     device type;

  • device type;
  • operating system;
  • language settings;
  • network provider;
  • current network connection;
  • session ID and status of the app (active, in the background, disabled).

2.3.    Location data

We use technologies with which we can determine the actual location of your mobile device, such as GPS (global positioning system) or beacons. Beacons enable us to track the location and movements of your mobile device if it is within the transmission range of a beacon.

We have installed beacons on poster sites, in shops, restaurants, bars, railway stations and other public places.

2.4.    Behavioral data
We can record the user behavior within the app, for example how long you stay on a specific display, if you have clicked on an ad or if you have redeemed a voucher. 

2.5.    Profiling and categorizationThe device, location and behavioral data are linked to the ad ID. We are thus able to create a user profile. Then, we assign certain categories to this user profile, such as commuter, student, movie-goer, etc.

3. For what purposes the data will be processed?

The location and behavioral data as well as the thereof derived user profiles are used to analyze the consumer behavior and customer potential and based on this to create automated forecasts about future customer needs and purchase decisions. This information is used to provide you with situational and personalized advertising messages or offers on your mobile device.
The device data are needed to deliver personalized advertising in the suitable format and through the appropriate channel.

The profile data remain with us and will not be disclosed to third parties. 

Finally, the data are used to provide third parties with information about the movement and consumer behavior on an anonymous basis. For example, we may inform a retail store about the number and structure of people who passed by the shop windows and later entered the store within a certain period.

4. What options do you have if you do not want to receive personalized advertisements?

4.1.    Disable or reset the ad ID
You can disable or reset the ad ID in the settings of your mobile device at any time:

  • If you reset the ad ID, all links to this ID will be repealed and the profile will be deleted, but a new ad ID will be generated.
  • If you disable the ad ID, the collected data cannot be associated with any user. No profile is created.

For instructions to disable or reset the ad ID, please refer to Apple (iOS) or Google (Android).

4.2.    Disable or restrict location tracking

Your location is only recorded if you have enabled the positioning service on your mobile device.

If you do not wish to receive location-based advertising, you can prevent or restrict access to your position at any time:

  • If you disable the positioning service, your location won’t be recorded; neither via GPS nor via beacon.
  • If you disable Bluetooth, your location won’t be recorded via beacon, but it is still recorded via GPS.

You can disable the positioning service and Bluetooth in the settings of your mobile device. 

5.  Contact

APG is responsible for the data processing. Should you have any questions, please contact the following address:

Requests concerning the processed data can only be handled if you provide us with the ad ID. We reserve the right to reject requests should there be any doubts concerning the assignment between the person and the ad ID.

Should you like to know if and how the app operator processes your location data, please refer to the privacy notice from the app operator.